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Investor contact

We are currently not actively seeking new investments

Investment size

200k CHF

25k CHF confirmed


Phase 1 

Product launch in Switzerland

Q4 2023

Geographical map to show product launch plans - phase 1

Fundraising time period

Close date: 30th of November 2023

Allocation of funds

Phase 2 

Gaining a foothold in Swiss market


Preventative metabolic health B2B2C market

Swiss market key metrics

2024: 100-200k CHF annual recurring revenue

2026: 1m CHF annual recurring revenue 

Investor & investment type

Are you a Business Angel or Venture Capital looking for an early entry into high-impact (metabolic) healthcare solutions?

Ticket size: 25-50k CHF

Preferred profile: affinity with healthcare, network in the field and long term horizon

Convertible loan agreements (CLAs)

Terms & conditions: Standard with a discount rate of 15-18%

Phase 3

Product expansion


The United Kingdom & 

The Netherlands

Geographical map to show product launch plans - phase 3

Market access

Commercial laboratory partner
- NDA signed
- Technical feasibility confirmed
- Global presence
First customer
Clinical laboratory lab chain
(10+ labs)
- Product launch partner
- Project partnership signed
- NDA signed
Second customer
Private clinic
- Project partnership signed


Product launch
- Q4 2023
- Switzerland
Product expansion
- Q2 2024
- United Kingdom & The Netherlands
Product expansion
- 2025
- European market

Intellectual property

- Custom developed technical method* (nuclear magnetic resonance 
(IT) Technology
- Automated data processing pipeline
Data assets
- Validated metabolite identification & quantification 
- Human research project ongoing (EPFL; CH) 
*patenting progress pending


Lifestyle-advice tool
- No regulatory hurdles  or additional permissions required


Total raised 63.5k
Find the full list of investors and funds at Crunchbase: here
*Salaries self funded
**No non-founders at captable

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