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Metabolic fingerprint
- Available in Switzerland -

Our metabolic fingerprint is an end-to-end metabolic health solution for healthcare providers. We enable you to assess your healthcare clients' metabolic health with minimum invasiveness and competitive cost. We use saliva as the bio-fluid for metabolite measurements analyzed with highly sensitive Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometers and running our custom analytical methods. Delivered  to you on an easy-to-use, intuitive data platform for healthcare professionals.

Picture to of a hummingbird to illustrate the stress free, non invasive nature of the metabolite test

Non-invasive, stress free test

Avoid stressful and invasive blood draws. Saliva collection combined with the standard workflow of sending samples to your lab partners keep your operations simple and enhance your clients' experience.

Technical specifications:

Planned: ISO 17025 compliant

Planned: ISO 9001 compliant

Quantified metabolic health baseline

Measure 47 metabolites accurately using state-of-the art technology.  Combine the measurements into a comprehensive metabolic health baseline.

Technical specifications*:

- Amino acids (16)

- Glucose metabolism intermediaries (3)

- Short-chain fatty acids (4)

- Carbohydrates (4)

- Organic acids (3)

- Alcohols (3)

- Amines (8)

- Others (7)

*Find the full list of metabolites: here

futuristic photo to illustrate the improvement of healthcare professionals improvement of services

Improve your consultations

Receive high-quality, interpretable reports for you and your clients. Improve your communication with your healthcare clients. 

Technical specifications:

Planned: HL7 ready

Planned: API interface

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