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Metabolic fingerprinting for healthcare professionals

Measure 47 saliva metabolites in one single test to enhance your preventative care services

What we offer

Non-invasive, accessible and stress free test

Quantified metabolic health baseline assessment

Enhanced healthcare client consultations with high-quality, clear & shareable reports

Maven Health Business model - product flow

Maven model

Meet the Team

Our Funding partners

Funding partners logo, Venture Kick
Funding partners logo, Ecole polytechnique federale lausanne (EPFL)
Funding partners logo, Wingman Campus Fund
Funding partners logo, Innosuisse

Our Network partners

Network partners logo, Microsoft for startups program
Network partners logo, Swiss Healthcare Startups

Our Academic partners

Academic partners logo, EPFL
Academic partners logo, Nantes University
Academic partners logo, Vrije universiteit amsterdam


Accelerator partners logo, Dayone
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